Services: Testing and Commissioning

We can provide the resource and equipment to carry out extensive testing and commissioning of your systems.


At first, we will carry out physical layer testing. This ensures the system has been built in-line with the design and will highlight any inconsistencies, errors and faulty cabling. At the end of this process we will provide “green penned” drawings and a list of issues found during the process.


Once the physical layer testing is complete we will then carry out extensive functional testing. In the case of an SDI or Audio matrix will we ensure that every crosspoint is meticulously checked. We will ensure that your system passes video and audio on a fundamental level. We will confirm that your servers be accessed by the KVM consoles. This process will highlight any equipment issues and any holes in the original design.


Once we have established that the system is functional we will then go about commissioning the system to ensure it performs in the way it was designed to enable you to perform your daily tasks. We will pay attention to the timing of the system to ensure video and audio synchronisation is maintained and that the propagation delay through the system is kept to a minimum.


We have been responsible for commissioning some extremely complex studio and playout systems. This has made engineering and user acceptance for the stakeholders involved a much easier and smoother process.


If you require a third party to test and commission your system or require resource to carry out engineering acceptance then KSC Broadcast are well placed to assist you.

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